You can win this, RFK, Jr!

I wear one of my Kennedy 2024 t-shirts whenever going to a large public place. I only get smiles, fist pumps and friendly comments. I never get hostile comments anywhere. This is because your favorability ratio is vastly higher than the other two.

And now you are getting an awesome increase in support!

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Polls are nice but the ballot access is going to be your downfall.

You could have run libertarian.

BTW, why are you becoming a war monger with Venezuela, Iran, and China?

Watch Jimmy Dore talk about your war mongering..


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I would like to see you in the Oval Office. In order to ensure this outcome, I recommend that you immediately and thoroughly explain your support of Bill Ackman's open letter to the President of Harvard. Although some parts of his long missive are sensical and in alignment with your platform, others are not, specifically his recommendations to:

1) Not wait for police review of a situation involving the assault of an HBS student before taking disciplinary action against the alleged assailants

2)Take disciplinary action against students for expressing their individual opinions in open protest or on Slack message boards

3) Make such disciplinary actions part of a student's permanent record with lifelong repercussions because "No law firm, corporation or graduate program will hire or admit an antisemitic or racist student"

Are you REALLY condoning such measures? Guilty until proven otherwise? Disciplining those who express unsavory opinions? Destroying a young person's career path as a means of setting an example so that others will never cross the line with regard to what can be expressed?

How can you be a true defender of the First Amendment if you balk at supporting those who espouse ideas you find repugnant? You are coming across as a censor.

You Tweeted: "It’s time to hold college administrations responsible for the epidemic of campus antisemitism by insisting on zero-tolerance policies."

Is that really the solution? Having zero-tolerance policies? This is completely antithetical to your entire campaign, the "show me where I have gotten it wrong", your lawsuit against the Biden Administration, your testimony in open session on censorship.

Do you seriously believe the way to eliminate an idea is to crush those who express it? Hasn't history proven the opposite? Isn't it better to offer the so-called "anti-Semites" a seat at the table so their views can be expressed and be dismantled publicly? Or is this only acceptable when it comes to vaccine-science? These are the kinds of discussions college administrations should be defending in the hope that their students leave with prepared minds and attitudes.

Please articulate your ideas on this soon. Your silence may ultimately undermine your "path to victory". Any reasonable opponent on a debate stage will have no problem showing how your experiment in telling the American people the truth is just more hypocrisy.

Wishing you health and wisdom,

Madhava Setty, MD

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Love from Canada. ❤

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1) Palestinian rights within 1947 UN borders, not genocide.

2) Freedom of Speech.

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I think the media is unknowingly contributing to this effort by calling you an anti-vaxxer. Its the younger voters, who have been force-vaxxed by the "Biden" administration, who are sick to death of seeing themselves and their friends jabbed literally to death, just to attend university and live normal working lives.

Not that you're a one-issue candidate, but both "Biden" and Trump are pro-vax, and I predict this "vax safety" position of yours will become more and more of a hidden advantage as time passes - kind of like the Vietnam War became a severe disadvantage with younger voters in 1968.

Meanwhile, the media has absolutely no clue - because they just aren't very bright. I hope they keep up with the 'anti-vax' thing. Think of it as a campaign contribution each time they do it. The more the media attacks you on this issue, the more the younger voters will trust you. Who wants to be jabbed to death? Not them.

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We are praying for your safety and your success.

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I've never been excited about any candidate in my life. This is the first time I feel any excitement about an election. Fck the media. Fck the uniparty propaganda. Let's go over the frickin' wall!

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Robert Kennedy, Jr. is the only one I will vote for!

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Happy to see this and encourage you stay on the amazing path you are taking now. One thing I would suggest is to respond immediately with facts and data to any spurious claims made about your policies and beliefs so that your supporters can squelch those intentional false rumors immediately.

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Love from New Zealand 🇳🇿

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your path to victory DOES NOT INCLUDE cheering on GENOCIDE. Thanks to your regurgitation of Israeli PROPAGANDA about the 'mid east' 'conflict' we have no REAL peace/antiwar candidate. How do you go from warning about ww3 and wasted lives in ukraine to supporting the country that operates the worlds largest CONCENTRAITION CAMP in their effort to ELIMINATE their enemies ?

get a clue please https://on.soundcloud.com/FQZbE

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I’ve had quite a few trips around the sun and have to say I’ve never been this excited about a political campaign. (Your father would’ve been my guy had I been alive and old enough to vote for him!) Thank you for giving me a reason to care, a reason to have hope. Thank you for focusing on what’s going on in the US, first and foremost.

Trolls are gonna troll, it’s fun to block them on your posts. No candidate who wants to win will come out against Israel. I believe In your heart you know what needs to be done and believe you’ll handle things appropriately when in office.

You’ve got this, Bobby (Mr. President). Momentum is on your side, clearly. Remember to “never stop never stopping.” 🗡️❤️

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Look, let me say this - you are my second choice for president right now. DJT is first. Biden is 3rd, but above West and Stein.

However, I will go back to a point I made to my friends in 1992 -lets say you do win in a 3 way race. You will have no congressional support. 435 Democratic/Republican congresspersons, and 100 DNC/GOP senators will all oppose you (ok maybe you get the 2 "independent" candidates but thy are democrats we all know it it).

So I do truly ask you, Mr. Kennedy - how will you get anything done? Congress will have zero interest in assisting you on passing any legislation. And please don't pretend they will do it "in the national interest" when we watched Ms. Pelosi refuse to give Trump his infrastructure bill because she knew it would help him, instead hoping a democrat would be elected and giving that success to them (which is what happened), or Senator McConnell deny Obama a supreme court justice hoping a republican would win (which happened)(. They will just wait you out.

Imagine a supreme court justice appointment. Which party is going to rally to your side? Unless that justice come out and swears on a stack of aborted babies they will support abortion again, the Democrats will not back them (because they have no proof that the justice will back their causes) nor will the Republicans either. And let's be honest - we know that is how they think. They all know how the newest justice will vote 90-95% of the times (there are a few curve balls, but democrats know that democratic appointed justices will support democratic sides in supreme court cases - as will the GOP).

What do you honestly expect to get passed? Spending cuts? Nope. Tax increases? Nope. Social spending? Nope. I don't even truly know if you will get a cabinet confirmed. Imagine the 10,000 other executive appointments needing congressional approval. Think they will be falling over themselves to back your appointment? Don't make me laugh.

It is in no one's political interest to help you. It may be in the country's, but no one in Washington cares what the country wants/needs/thinks.

So voting for you is really voting for no action by the government for 4 years. I am not opposed to that, but your only course of doing anything will be executive order, which will be overcome the day you leave.

So someone tell me why this is a good idea, regardless of if you hate both candidate or not, please.

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If you are going argue against status quo material science for profit - you need to have valid studies done by respected institutions memorized for interviews! Have your rebuttal studies talking points down!

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