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It's like reading a microcosm of RFK Jr.'s brilliant work "The Real Anthony Fauci", minus the enormous amounts of murder evidence contained in his 400 page volume w/ over 2,200 footnotes documenting a mountain of war crime charges that cannot possibly be ignored for much longer. The number of people who permitted themselves to be bullied, coerced, bribed, or rewarded with exorbitant amounts of money & prestige is off the charts & frightening. In fact, this makes the tobacco industry look like rank amateurs compared to the cabal of actors & institutions involved with this massive obscenity of corruption & crimes committed by those proclaiming to be acting in the "Public Good". At least the tobacco industry never claimed to be acting in the interest of public health or protecting human health from infectious diseases or other harmful toxins.

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Welcome to Substack Robert.

Your book is easily the most important of the last 2 years and for me will go down as one of the most important book of all time.


Because of your book, I am now listening to Duesberg's book Inventing the AIDS Virus (I wonder if Duesberg can be convinced to join the fight)

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Dear Robert, You are doing a great job keeping your composure amidst this barrage of personal attacks! As we know, if they don't have any way to justify the issues with you, they will resort to personally attacking you! This seems to be the order of their day, and the fact that so many seem to think this is a relevant form of debate is truly astonishing. As we know, it would not get past the 8th grade debate team.

I have also received similar attacks when I bring up your work and book and I say the same thing - "read the book and refute the facts instead of joining the slander parade."

There are so many sell-outs these days and we really need to pity them and pray for their souls. In a world of far too many cheating, barging, ugly step-sisters, be an honest, gracious, real-deal Cinderella. :)) hahah It feels like it goes unnoticed these days, but believe me - we are noticing!

All the best,

Kimberly Hale

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Dear Bobby,

Thank you not only for this excellent piece but for all your work. You are a class act, a true humanitarian, and as always so eloquent and succinct. I look forward to reading more.

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wow, thank you for this powerful piece, your strong voice is much needed now. Your courage and bravery during this time is much appreciated. Blessings.

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Eloquent, forceful truth. As always. Thank you.

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The slander from the NYT and now this...it's almost unbelievable. All designed to provoke.

Four of my sister's 9 grandkids have been diagnosed as sitting on the autism scale. In addition there are high rates of autism among my cousin's chlldren and grandchidren. I can’t help but wonder if this is related to mandated programs of vaccines. Otherwise we should have seen some evidence of autism in my generation (36 first cousins + larger extended family) or my parents & grandparent's generation (big families). Autism is simply not present.

The memory of holding one of my sister's grandkids when she was a toddler right after her vaccine ‘wellness” visit while watching her fight off near-convulsions for hours has continued to haunt me. Her brother essentially quit crying after his grotesque "one-shot" dose of vaccines, and now, he too is diagnosed with autism.

The schools today are filled with kids with all sorts of neurological disorders that translate into "learning disabilities". Yet there is NO attempt to look at the public health element of this unsettling phenomena.

Rather kids are simply branded "learning disabled" and under a distortion of the ADA, allowed to pass even if they flunk the class, and then promoted into a higher grade every year even if they haven't learned the material (because to be held back will hurt their "self esteem"). If they don't drop out from shame and embarrassment by the time they are 16 (thinking they are stupid), they graduate illiterate.

And then, of course, especially lower income kids --any race --can't perform any job requiring literacy and critical thinking, and thus they are doomed to poverty or to a life of numbing subsistence welfare. Meanwhile the federal government issues more and more work visas to educated foreigners who qualify and get the well-paying jobs. Probably not all caused by vaccines..but then again...maybe a lot of this is.

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So thankful for REAL JOURNALISTS! Like you! Thank you for writing out so well what so many of us have been digging up for decades! The first I had heard of vaccine injury was my coworkers son. She must've had some premonition as a mother. She didn't want to vaccinate her son. But school and government pressure finally made her cave in. And I watched in real time, her brilliant son who was 3 years old, who could read, count to 100, play well with my son, who could not read or count to 10 at the same age and had been vaccinated to the inth degree.

I watched him debilitated into tantrums and violent behaviors. Wouldn't do any kind of school work or play for that matter. Just acted, "crazy". Not the same kid, what happened? She knew, and was devastated. This was the only child she would ever have. She had to go to all kinds of fertility drugs and procedures just to have this child. It was the saddest thing I ever saw.

How did she know? I hadn't heard anything. She was well connected on the internet. Back then, it was surprising to be connected where we barely had service. They obviously got internet service before we did. This was Sumner County Tennessee. And you'd think we would have had high speed internet by 2000. But no. I had to buy this special satellite router to attach to my laptop to get internet outside if I was lucky by 2007.

Took me 10 years to catch up. But I did.

I used ivermectin ever since I read several articles on it as a wonder drug. 50 years of research can't be bad. And I had given it to my animals for the last 25 years. So why not? I just wished I had known all those years I worked in health care and had to work sick, flu, colds, whooping cough, you name it. Like 2 decades of sickness I could have avoided if they weren't promoting vaccines that spread the flu instead of ivermectin that kills the flu. Yep, we've all been Faucied and Pfizered.

High time their Reign came to an end!

Bring back day of the rope! Because mass murder won't be appeased by anything else!

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Wow. Sharing this widely.

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Do you know a good lawyer? Maybe you could sue them for slander! Just saying the lawyer part in jest. I loved your book. It was a difficult read for me because a lot of it dealt with HIV and AIDS And it made me look back at my life when I was more of a right wing Republican and less compassionate as I am today.

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Great job on writing the book of medical revelations that is helping to free humanity from $$ corruption. You're a hero. God bless!

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I do not take issue with Robert Kennedy Jr's response to Jake Tapper. I'm not a scientist therefore I leave that area of debate to experts. I do not doubt that Kennedy is an expert.

However, I do take issue with Kennedy’s comment - “When I responded to his slander with a respectful tweet inviting him to debate me, Tapper declined, explaining he would not debate a ‘conspiracy theorist.’ Characteristically, he neglected to cite any conspiracy theory he believes I promoted.”

Robert Kennedy has consistently promoted the RFK Assassination conspiracy theory promoted by Lisa Pease which alleges Ambassador Hotel security guard Thane Eugene Cesar was the real RFK assassin. Kennedy has promoted this conspiracy theory without any credible evidence whatsoever – see https://www.washingtondecoded.com/site/2019/03/pease.html#more

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Thank you, Robert, for your unwavering fight for what's right and true. I cannot believe Fauci is still walking free after your book. All members of the House committee that will investigate COVID need to read your book (or at least a short summary of it? Maybe you could send them that?)

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Wow! I don't think Jake Tapper will attack RFK again. This one got him a hosing down that left him totally naked. A nauseating sight to behold.

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