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Wish I felt the same, sir. While I have no particular opinion on New Hampshire leading the primary, I do regarding the party. I was a life-long democrat up until when I saw how the party lost its way and became more authoritarian than not, more illiberal than open-minded, and more the shrill voice of moral busybodies than common sense and critical thinking. I became an independent in the spring of 2020, and have not turned back. I voted straight progressive blue down the line from the time I was 18 to when I turned 62.

I wonder how difficult it must be for you to see just how much the democratic party has shifted away from the ideals we held to be sacrosanct.

Paul Melzer

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Dear RFK Jr,

I came to know you due to Covid.

Thank you for using your voice & platform to expose Fauci, Gates etc.

My appreciation and admiration for you is deep.

I am a lifelong Republican who wants our beloved country to remain a Constitutional Republic.

We are teetering on Communism at the hands of the Democrat Party.

I don't know how anyone who wants to remain free & propserous can vote Democrat in 2024.

How come no Democrats are taking action against our provably corrupt Democrat President, the invasion of illegals migrants that is up to 7 million in a little over 2 years that he has encouraged or the shut down our our energy making the middle class poorer?

If the Democrats keep power in 2024 our free & propserpus country may be lost.

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I am a Republican and will change my affiliation to the Democratic party the day after you tell us that you are running in 2024. This country needs you.

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Dear health hero. An honest question: Who would you vote for becoming the next President of the United States? Ron Desantis or Gavin Newson? If it would come down to these two candidates. For me Desantis is the obvious choice if you want to break the Big Pharma corruption stranglehold on the US administration.

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How could RFK Jr. possibly be a Democrat at this time? The party is gone. History. Its a CLEAR-AS-DAY Socialist - Censorship regime. I dont get it...

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Bobby - I graduated from high school on June 5, 1968 and what transpired was something I’ll never forget. There was a movement of real hope from people far and wide inspired by your dad, your uncle, Dr King and everyone who could see hope in what seemed like our darkest hour. But the time we are in now looks even darker. If we are to see the dawn, we’ll need folks like who can and must keep these insane heartless psychopaths in check. You stand for the betterment of all people and they only stand for whatever’s in it for them to get their greedy hands on. It’s truly wake up time for America and the world. If you run for president you certainly have my vote and hopefully everyone who still has a heart of compassion and a functioning brain. Thank you 🙏🏽

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It was great to meet you in New Hampshire yesterday. I wrote a piece about your speech that was picked up by The Ron Paul Institute. Looking forward to seeing you up here again soon!


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Dear RFK Jr., with all due respect, the people you mention are not present conceptually in the democratic party, a political party that for all intent and purpose is now grounded is marxist socialism. It is most certain the both your father and uncle would not support the transition that the DNC now supports, progressivism looted the moral base of the Democratic party, ushering MLK and the civil rights movement to the curb, in exchange for equity and CRT as the new banner for change.

The equity argument is Marxist. Marx's argued class/economic as a logical argument, CRT replaces class with race, as the central theme, race is an emotional argument and not logical. Race is a construct, (2009) not a biological imperative. The progressive socialist Democrat's intentionally undermined public education, by dumbing down the pedagogy, creating generation after generation of poorly equipped students to compete in the marketplace.

At one time in my employ, a teacher from the Trenton, NJ., HS school system, told me that during her 25 years tenure, she was never allow to grade below a "D", and that the average student produced no work, but still graduated on time!

This is not what JFK, RFK, or any member of that generation would support. They understood Plessy vs Ferguson, that separate was not equal, leading to Brown. They understood MLK's statement on character, they understood the need for a fair and just society. BLM, CRT, and the gender issues now over taking the educational foundation of the country, will ultimately, and hopefully fail, due to parental oversight, but for that to happen, the Democratic party needs a complete reset.

That said, tell me how you envision the future of education in these Uniter States, if you would support or require civics to be part and parcel to the grounding of a students education K-12? Tell me how you will address CRT and Teacher activism in changing a child's conception of themselves, with total disregard for parents?

Understanding that most people inherent their political view, your success will be determine by what you are willing to address as unacceptable policy, now being forced upon us. You stood upright and strong with regard to the Wuhan Virus/Covid-19 Milgram experiment, but confronting and redefining the racial divide that now exist, will require you to embrace the collective good of the civil rights era, jettisoning the socialist from democratic party and calling out those who seek to destroy this bastion of freedom, by not supporting a nation of laws, and its enforcement.

You are a Kennedy for God's sake, a family name engrained in the memory of our nation. You are exactly where you are meant to be! Set political allegiance aside, focus on what is absolutely correct and truthful. That realm is beyond reproach, people know the truth when they hear it. Your voice will be heard, our country needs a truth teller. Be afraid of no one, you owe no one/party anything. I'm convinced if you ran as an independent, or aligned, you will refocus the entire political conversation on what is right for our country.

God Bless, Isaiah 6:8


Dennis Foy

Dennis Foy

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Americans are desperate for leadership that respect America's great fundamental laws. With that in mind, I would recommend distancing yourself from names such as Clinton, Kerry, Obama, if you truly want to have any hope of reaching independents and conservatives who on their worst day would NEVER cast a vote for those "names."

I was born in the 50's, am a conservative, and know the difference between yesterday's "Kennedy-Liberal" from today's corrupt Democrat- Marxist office holders. So, too the Republicans have proven to be a corrupt party for, by and of themselves. Hence, Americans are truly starving for real American leadership and solutions, who can unite, but more than anything, elect to our highest office someone with intellectual honesty, and in that department, you sir, stand alone.

Hence, because I am well read, I choose to stand with a candidate, should you decide to run, who can unite and fight for an American Nation.

BTW and this is off the cuff, but is there any chance to get John Kennedy of Louisiana interested to run as your VP? He strikes me as an honest soul, always, having a great line to share. Imagine, Robert and John Kennedy on the same Ticket! This election needs to break the mold, and put the party aside and put Americans first. It's about reestablishing TRUST that is sorely missing.

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I just heard about your Substack from Del Bigtree on today's Highwire. Had I known about it from day one I would happily have been your very first subscriber. Since I've subscribed to CHD's newsletter since long before anybody ever heard of COVID, I'm really surprised that this is the first I've ever heard of your Substack. You might consider encouraging the CHD's newsletter staff to work a little harder at getting the word out, and also get some other Substackers who are on the same page as us, like Steve Kirsch (of course), to provide links to here.

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I value YOUR opinions, Mr. Kennedy, but I DO NOT trust the majority of current Dems. I don't believe that location would be of significance for the Dems, it's more about the complete failures they have created over the last few decades while they were in some positions politically to improve this country, and DID THE OPPOSITE! I'd trust YOU as President, but I cannot think of any other Democrat where I'd have ANY confidence in their ability to make our country America again!

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I wish he'd run as an independent.

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I liken voting in America to Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football and have not participated in the trickery since I was tricked by Obama. For Robert F Kennedy I would register and vote again and hope Lucy don't lift up the football at the last minute again. Writing "The Real Anthony Fauci" brilliant truth to power, Thank you RFK Jr!

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Huge fan here.

An aside...

On the off chance you have any metals in your mouth or body, please consider metal toxicity or, a type IV delayed hypersensitive reaction or a galvanic reaction between these metals as a potential cause of spasmodic dysphonia.

Galvanism between metals with dissimilar charges creates an electrical current stronger than the action potential of the central nervous system, causing problems like disorders related to muscle spasms, intermittent quadraplegia and other problems involving the nervous system.

People suffering for years from problems like intermittent paralysis or constant muscle spasms -- patients who have been told they have MS, stiff person syndrome, ALS or Parkinson’s -- discover, once they get all metals removed from their bodies and mouths, their symptoms go away.

I learned of this while speaking to the FDA in 2019 about harm I personally experienced (neurological issues, Parkinson’s-like tremor, pain, mental/emotional/behavioral issues, tinnitus) because of metal medical devices and metal dental hardware I got in my 30s. Had I not been too young to have such terrible neurological issues, I might have accepted all the incorrect diagnoses I was given. Instead I got the offending metals removed, and after almost nine years of suffering, my good health returned!

At the FDA I heard the jaw-dropping presentation of a foot & ankle surgeon from Washington. I got permission to put his presentation on YouTube. It’s only 8 minutes. He speaks of his patient’s “incurable” neuro-issues and how the problems would go away after he convinced them to have all the metals taken out of their bodies and teeth OR got them to get tested for a Type IV delayed hypersensitivity to metals & if they were reactive to, for example, nickel, got them to switch to a low nickel diet. I’m highly reactive to nickel, yet I didn’t know until I was 40, and didn’t know I shouldn’t be eating high nickel foods until Dr. Schroeder told me when I was 50!

Please consider hearing what he has to say in case it could help you or anyone you love.


Please forgive me if you already know about all this.

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