I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure if I would vote for you. I admire your work and have been following it for years. I would love to see you run in the primary against Biden that’s a no brainer. However we need a family first, and a first amendment strong type of President. We need to overhaul every agency in this country. We need to make lobbying and campaign donations illegal. We need to put healthcare choices back in the hands of the patient (and patient doctor relationship). We need to stop transgender ideology as a cult we must all subscribe to and end child mutilation. We need to overhaul our education system in every town, city, and village across America. We need to end this ongoing ideology that we’re all racists. We need to incur in the American people the drive to want to be better people, to work together, to laugh together, to break bread together and stop the hateful division that has been seeded and left to fester in this country over the last few years. We need to exit the WHO! We need to end all ties with the WEF. People who address these issues are the people I will consider voting for. I am a nurse I was fired under Biden’s America. How are you going to make the America I can live and work in?

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Listen up. I am not trying to detract from Mr. Kennedy’s campaign by all of my posts. I am excited about his potential campaign. Give to his campaign; your prayers, your efforts, your contributions. That said, his campaign will need to spread and ignite a fire. Perhaps my PAC’s efforts can help ignite that fire. If I did not have that hope, I would not have read and responded to all of these posts. Get involved. Spread the word. RFK Jr. Is the real deal. He truly seeks to unite this nation and bring back our constitutional republic. He has a record of success in fighting corruption. He has built an institution which is international in scope to assist in these endeavors. If you are not yet a member, get involved in Children’s Health Defense. Look them up online. It’s one of the best aggregated news feeds of truly pertinent information on the internet. I truly believe this is the beginning of a New Dawn of freedom in this country. Now is the time, and you are being called. Will you support this effort to protect and preserve the best of what our forefathers bequeathed to us; our liberty, our unity, our destiny as a nation under God? Listen, we all have differences, but if we can agree that we are a nation where the rule of law remains its central tenet foremost expressed in its Constitution, and our goal is to preserve that, then let’s have a discussion about the rest, unconstrained by the government censorship industrial complex which has lately been revealed. We do have hope. In my mind, Mr. Kennedy exemplifies that hope.

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Boy, would that be a cheering turn of events if you could run and THEN be elected president. 🎉 I am concerned “they” wouldn’t let you win even if they let you run.

Maybe your time, efforts, and money would be better used in all the wonderful ways you currently are using them?

I’ll pray you and your family hear a clear direction from the Lord. That will be the only way to know what to do!💗🙏🏼. May God continue to lead and direct you.

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I absolutely will vote for you in primary and general election. I will also consider volunteering and contributing. I've been hoping you'd consider running, but didn't think you would. I really didn't blame you when it seemed you weren't interested. I am overjoyed and feel a new optimism that you are even considering it.

Thank you.

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Would you be running as a Democrat? If so, you should have learned from Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard that no one not supported by the DNC hierarchy would ever be allowed to win the nomination. You also should realize that any candidate who has a nuanced approach to vaccines or the climate would be crucified by the media every single minute in the most foul mendacious way possible for as long as primary season lasted. IF by some miracle you did become president, you would not be allowed by the corporate/Pentagon/Pharma/security complex to make the smallest decision, and if you did manage to thwart them in some way they would kill you, as you should know all too well. We live in a fascist state now, and voting accomplishes nothing. Save your life and keep on doing good from the position you are in. If we lived in a democracy I would back you in a heartbeat, but we don't, and your life wouldn't be worth a dime if you entered the charnel house that is our "electoral" process.

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As an unaffiliated conservative, I would consider voting for you if you would, at least, remain neutral on the abortion issue (not promote National pro-abortion legislation), if you supported the necessity of a strong military for our national security, and then elaborate more on your positions relative to the surge of illegal immigrants into the country, and your positions re: 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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You're my man Bobby - the only candidate with total integrity - only problem I live in Ottawa Canada!

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I'm now a registered Independent. Politically homeless because it's all gone batshit crazy, Sir.

I admire you and your work. I think you would be an excellent and well received candidate for normal people that are missing representation due to the Marxists/Socialists degenerative plague in politics.

I concur with what many have already posted here in the responses.

The media has to be held accountable for what they have done to the Nation. They are an untrustworthy propaganda machine for Deep State. I'm not sure that anyone who runs for President will get a fair shake. Almost as if people are being "installed" over elected.. That's a terrifying thought as an American.

I would want to know you respect the Constitution & would protect our rights, especially the 1st and 2nd. I would want to know you would build up and create a stronger Military & regain the respect of other nations which laugh at us now. Closing our open borders is another crisis because this opens migrants up to human trafficking, organ harvesting and other nefarious dealings that hurt themselves and American citizens. I'm not supportive of abortion personally, but feel a woman should have the right to choose early on, and it should be safe for her. Late term abortion should be abolished, if a fetus can live outside the womb, abortion should not be an option.

The Dept of Education needs complete overhaul because they are aiding in the destruction of our most precious resource - Our children. There is no such thing as a transgender child, only children with gender dysphoria.

The world's a mess now - worse now than any time you or I have ever lived. While I cherish democracy, we must never forget America is a Constitutional REPUBLIC and come back to Truth, Law and Order.

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You would be an outstanding Democrat candidate and President. There are no other Democrats worth voting for.

But the Democratic Party and Big Tech/Media has moved so far left, I doubt you could get fair coverage or the nomination.

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The CIA will never let you know.

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As a Canadian, I would love for you to enter politics. You seem like a man of profound moral beliefs and I personally believe you would have the best interests of your country advancing towards Peace and not perpetual war (Biden).

You seem to be a brave man and one can only hope you are also incorruptible in your personal moral ethics and beliefs.

Hope God will find a place in your Heart and prepare you to help us all since we are in dire need for someone people can trust ...

You give us hope !

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Would be amazing to see tens of thousands around the world once again cheer an American leader paying a visit. The Kennedy name may still have that magic for people everywhere who want to believe in the idea of America. However, no use pretending we are in the time when JFK was president. Can RFK really work within the Dem establishment and still hope to carry out the changes that so many Americans seem to want outside of the Dem true believers? It is people like Tulsi Gabbard and some of the Repub who are saying there must be a house cleaning from top to bottom if we are ever to get an America 2.0. New parties and third parties mostly peter out after a short while except in very unusual historical periods. Are we in such a time? The two parties today were not there at the beginning. Many people do seem to have a sense of foreboding that the violent crime among other problems are not sustainable and something has to give. Can RFK thread all these needles and still give people hope in the future? Go bold or go home.

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I vote yes but will go to the website!! We need someone like you to turn this nightmare ship around!!

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I am a U.S. citizen and I would vote for you. I have dreamed of you becoming president. I do not want to vote for a Republican but it seems like the lesser of two evils. Unless of course you run then I would jump party lines. Just donated to the Exploration of a Presidential Run and I also donate monthly to Children's Health Defense. Grateful for all you already do for this country.

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Not going to write an essay, all I want to say is I would be happy to vote for you. No idea how you would even get thru the primaries let alone overcome the 'voting' issues, however.

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Mar 15·edited Mar 15

The last thing we need is another cult of personality.

Anyone who thinks any change is coming through the "accepted" political mechanisms is so far removed from reality as to belong in an insane asylum.

How many times you gonna trust Lucy with that football Charlie Brown?

No heroes needed, no sacred cows, no leadeers are needed and serve to dissipate political energy.

Here's another point as relates to RFK in these last three years.

During the Covid Era in the US approx. 1.3 million were killed mainly due to hospital protocols and impacts of lockdowns. Those that were killed were almost universally the fragile elderly that came from institutions, the poor and the disabled. We are talking the weakest members of society.

Where has he, or any of the so-called leaders of the health freedom movement, been on this? The answer to that is largely silent. Is that acceptable to people here?

Why, as a leader, has he not been leading rallies against hospital protocols which are what killed the VAST majority of individuals in 2020 that served as the launching pad for the Covid Operation.

If protecting the most vulnerable members of society is not the top priority for any "people's movement" and it's ostensible "leaders" then what is?

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